BOOOOO! Spooky Lower Body Workout-the Halloween edition

31 Oct

Yesterday we focussed on our upper body, today we’ll put our focus on the lower body.

Now before we start I want to talk about something so important  that you should be doing when lifting weights.  It’s what I call the “mind-muscle” connection.  I see so many people working out with weights that are just  moving the weights around and going through the motions rather than focusing on using the correct muscles.  When you’re doing an exercise really focus on contracting the muscles that are supposed to be targeted.  By using a connection between our mind and muscles,  we can use the brain to build stronger muscles.   Before doing a workout, read about the exercises you are about to do and learn what muscle groups are being used during each exercise.  You’ll notice by doing this, you’ll have such a better and more effective workout.

Now on to todays lower body workout.

Halloween lower body workout


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