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BOOOOO! Spooky Lower Body Workout-the Halloween edition

31 Oct

Yesterday we focussed on our upper body, today we’ll put our focus on the lower body.

Now before we start I want to talk about something so important  that you should be doing when lifting weights.  It’s what I call the “mind-muscle” connection.  I see so many people working out with weights that are just  moving the weights around and going through the motions rather than focusing on using the correct muscles.  When you’re doing an exercise really focus on contracting the muscles that are supposed to be targeted.  By using a connection between our mind and muscles,  we can use the brain to build stronger muscles.   Before doing a workout, read about the exercises you are about to do and learn what muscle groups are being used during each exercise.  You’ll notice by doing this, you’ll have such a better and more effective workout.

Now on to todays lower body workout.

Halloween lower body workout


Upper Body Super Girl Workout

30 Oct

So my daughter is definitely not your typical “girl”.  The other week while I was out at the farm,  I sent hubby out with the kids to choose their Halloween costumes.  I thought my daughter would choose to be a cat, maybe a witch or maybe even a ninja or something but my husband said she was adamant she wanted to be something scary.

So this past weekend was the mayors annual Halloween party.  We went and met up with a few of my daughters friends.


Yup, that’s her on the left-the Grim Reaper.  Gotta love her 🙂

We ended up carving the pumpkins tonight.  I don’t mind carving the pumpkin but scooping out the insides is just gross.  I sent the kids out to the garage to do that because that crap is impossible to clean off the floors.

Our pumpkins turned out pretty darn good!



The following workout is an Upper Body Workout. Many women shy away from training their upper body.  When you tone and build strength in your upper body you’ll stand taller, your posture will be better and your confidence will grow.  Also, strong shoulders maybe your waist appear smaller 🙂


super girl workout


24 Oct

Is it Thursday already?  is it just me or does this week feel like it’s flying by?    I probably just jinxed everything and the next 2 days are going to go at snail pace…..hope not!

Sometimes deciding what’s for dinner  SUCKS!  When I’m lost for ideas or if I’m just not in the mood to make too much or eat anything too heavy, I love to have “breakfast for dinner”.  I literally could eat breakfast food all day and every day.  Tonight’s menu was Omelettes with red and green peppers 🙂  The kids love having this too!  It’s a win/win for everyone.

So I’ve decided to shake things up a little bit.  I’m going to post a fitness challenge for the month of November.  Challenges can be motivating and I need that right now.   So stay tuned 🙂

The following workout is dedicated to you Tracy.  Not because your 30  (although you’re hot enough to be) and not because you’re “Dirty” but because  I deleted all of my Tabata workouts by accident last night after messing around with my blog.  I got them back up but I promised you a kick ass workout.  SO HERE YOU GO SISTA!  This one is for you!

dirty 30

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