10 Minute Abs

4 Sep
It was back to school today.  My son was definitely excited.  My daughter had a different reaction.  I literally had to peel her off of  me as I handed her over to the teacher.   Poor thing.
Once the kids were safely inside the school, I was able to leave for work.
As I was driving along a little furry head peaked out from behind my windshield wipers.  I’m not usually afraid of rodents but having one running all over my windshield while I’m driving kind of freaked me out.
I pulled over to the side of the road (a busy road no less) and got my umbrella from the trunk of my car.   I tried to gently push the little guy off but he was holding on for dear life.  I can only imagine what the people driving by were thinking.   Just when  I thought I had him, he went deeper under the hood and I was no longer able to reach him with my umbrella.
 I decided to continue on to work hoping that he would eventually come out of hiding so I could get him off the car.
It was funny because at each red light, he would make an appearance and then as soon as I would start driving he tucked back under the hood
I got to work and called Hubby and he told me that I HAD to get the mouse out from underneath the hood or else it may eat the wires.  Luckily as I was in the parking lot a colleague of mine pulled in and I had her help me.  We were able to get the little guy out and he ran around my car all confused.
He was actually really cute!  I hope he found a nicer home 🙂
Today’s Ab workout will take you 10 minutes.  Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds before going on to the next exercise.

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