Better Butt Park Workout

28 Aug
So one thing you may not know about me is that I get embarrassed rather easily and when I’m embarrassed I  turn beet red.
Last night after dropping off my daughter at gymnastics and my son at a sleep over, hubby and I went to the pharmacy to pick up a few things.  After browsing the cosmetics I met up with my husband at the cash.  He was carrying a box of night time diapers for my daughter and I cracked a joke saying “oh you found your diapers”.  As we were putting our stuff down on the counter he had a rather large pack of Batteries.  I asked him what all the batteries were for.  Now before I tell you what he said, please imagine a long line up of people behind us.  So, Hubby turns to me and says “they’re for all your vibrators”.  OKAY, that was my cue to put my head down and scurry out of the store.  Luckily everyone in line was able to take a joke and the poor cashier was shaking because she was trying to hold back the laughter.  I turned 50 shades of RED.  I could have killed him.

I did this circuit the other day and my bum is still sore.  I gotta say that I love when my rear is hurting because let’s face it, as women this normally is our trouble zone.   Don’t be afraid to use weights when you’re doing your squats, lunges, or step ups.  This is what’s going to make that bottom perky and firm. You don’t want a flat bum do you?

The equipment you’ll need for this workout is a Kettlebell or Dumbell, TRX or the bar at the park, a bench or chair and a Medicine ball.


Circuit 1:

  • Hip Thrusters with back row:  With your hips down and arms extended raise hips/butt and squeeze glutes.  Proceed to do a back row.  Lower back down and repeat.


  • Walking Kettlebell threaded lunges:  With the Kettlebell in your left hand lunge forward with your right leg and pass the kettlebell underneath  your right leg to the other hand. Then lunge forward your left leg and pass the kettlebell underneath to your left hand.  Perform 40 reps.
  • Decline Push Ups:  WIth your feet up on a bench and core engaged, do 20 pushupsIMG_0339

Circuit 2

  • Kettlebell Swing:  Remember Hip Drive and full hip extension at the top of the swing


  • Tricep DIps:  This exercise targets the back of your arms.  Keep your elbows pointed behind you and bend your arms so they are at 90 degrees
  • Narrow grip pull ups:  Don’t worry if you can’t do 10 pull ups in a row.  I can’t!  I will use the ground to assist me by pushing off and also using my arms to pull myself up.


Circuit 3

  • Wall Balls:  Keep feet shoulder width apart.  When squatting down keep weight in heels.  Aim to lower the crease of your hips below your knees.  Drive through your heels on the way up using hip action to throw the ball up against the wall.


  • Bicep Curls:  Keep elbows close to the side of your body.  Don’t flare them out.
  • TRX Rear Delt Fly:  Lean back on a 45 degree angle.  Keep core tight.  Pull handles apart as if you are opening double doors, squeezing the shoulder blades together.  Return to start position under control.


Enjoy this workout!


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