Medicine Ball Circuit

20 Aug

Equipment Required:  1 Medicine Ball

This circuit contains 8 exercises.  Perform each exercise for the prescribed number of repetitions indicated below.  Repeat the entire circuit 2 or 3 times.

1.  Squat with a Shoulder Press. Total Reps: 20


2. Staggered Push ups.  10 on each side.  Alternate sides after each push up.Total Reps: 20


3.   Squat Thrust with deadlift.  Starting in plank position jump both feet to hands and proceed to do a deadlift.  Remember to keep your back straight and core strong.   Squeeze those glutes at the top.  Bring ball back to ground and jump feet back into plank position.  This is considered 1 rep.  Total Reps: 20Image

4.    Overhead Walking Lunge.  Total Reps: 20Image

5.   Mountain Climbers alternating knee to chest.  Total Reps: 20.  Tempo should be 1 x second. Alternate knee each timeImage

6.   Russian Twist.  Total reps: 40Image

7.  Wood Choppers.  10 reps on each side. Total Reps: 20Image

8.  Bicep Curl right into overhead Tricep extension.  Total Reps: 20


Repeat circuit 2 or 3 times



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