Hill Training on my Faux Friday :)

15 Aug

Today is my faux Friday.  I had originally booked Friday off from work so that I  could go to Toronto to watch my son play in a hockey tournament .  My daughter wanted to stay behind with my Sisters.  But after packing my bags and humming and harring about going all night, I decided to stay behind with all the girls.  It will give us a chance to all hang out before my little Sis has to go back to University 😦


Me and my sisters.

I had a few hours to spare this evening while my daughter was at gymnastics so I thought I’d  spend some well deserved quality time with my dog (Baylee).  Poor thing probably feels neglected.  Her walks haven’t been nearly as long as when I was on holidays.

I brought her here.  Dun-da-da-dah…..


THE BEAST.  AKA Greens Creek.

This hill is used for toboganing in the winter and people train here all summer.

The pictures really doesn’t do it any justice.  It’s a gradual climb and gets super steep at the top.  I had butterflies before starting my workout.  I find I always get that nervous/butterfly feeling before a tough workout or run.

Okay here we go.  I had a bowl of water ready for Baylee and my towel for after so that I could do some stretches.  Baylee was super excited to be off leash.  She was running in and out of the woods and even joined me while I ran up the hill.


Let’s see how many I can tackle.


Half way down the hill  and Baylee decided to take a break.  She’s almost 10 years old.  What’s that in dog years, like 70….She’s doing pretty good!


I ended up running the hill 10 times.  My legs and butt are going to feel this workout tomorrow!  Love it!

Now I’ll be spending most of the night cutting these pesky burrs from Baylee’s fur.


Do you like hill training?

Do you ever get nervous before a big workout or run?

Have a great night everyone 🙂


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