Workout Wednesdays – Pushup and Squat countdown.

5 Sep

Want a quickie workout?  Countdown workouts are great for leaning out your body, increasing your metabolism and are definitely great to  get your sweat on.

If pushups are new to you, start with 5 and every couple of days increase that number.

Pushups are one of the oldest and most basic exercises and they are very effective. They work out all the muscles in the upper body and build  strength in the forearms, wrists, upper arms, shoulders, chest and even the core.

Benefit to Women

Women typically have less upper body strength than men. Women who do pushups can quickly build strength in the chest, upper arms, forearms and wrists without the worry of adding “bulk”.

Pushups help build core strength

In addition to building upper body strength, pushups done with the proper form will help build the core muscles in the middle of your body. To do pushups properly, your elbows must be fully extended at the start and end of a pushup, your toes should be on the floor and your legs, hips and back should be straight.SquatsSquats are a great exercise for targeting most woman’s troubled areas  – The butt and thighs.Pushup/Squat Countdown how to:

Start by doing 5 pushups.  Remember to keep your core tights and don’t stick your butt up in the air.Immeditely get up to your feet and do 5 full squats

Go back to Pushups, this time doing 4.  Then 4 squats.
Repeat the pushups doing 3 and then 3 squats.  Repeat until you get down to 1 each.
This is a great little exercise you can do while dinner is cooking or if you are watching T.V , you can sneak in this mini workout during a commercial break!

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